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Programme Approach

BGVS works directly with communities for spreading the scientific knowledge and vision amongst the people, working for literacy, continuing education, basic education, working towards a healthy society, campaigning for people’s rights publishing books and policy studies etc.-all aimed at transformation of social order in the areas of information and knowledge. Children's Science Festivals, Women Science (Samata) Festivals, Gyan Vigran Vidyalaya (Wisdom Schools) Movement etc. all our efforts to bridge the social gaps. Efforts in skill enhancement programme in the field of agriculture, horticulture, water management, health and rural artisans and micro planning, formation of Self Help Groups, development of micro enterprises etc. are efforts to expand of the “Capabilities” of the marginalized, deprived, excluded and oppressed sections of the society and they reduce the economic disparities between a few rich and a large number of suffering people. 

It has been there in the changing development paradigms, which makes it unique and has sustained it for more than two & half decades in Odisha and around three decades in the country. This has been possible due to its strategic planning and effective implementation in the three major domains i.e. 1. literacy and education, 2. Promotion of rural livelihood security and 3. Research & publications in influencing pro-people policy formulation.

It is popularly known that BGVS works along with both Govt. of India and respective state governments in complementing and supplementing the people friendly programmes. It is known for its community awareness and mobilization work having strong community based institutions. The role of BGVS in rehabilitation and disaster preparedness in 1999-Super Cyclone in Odisha can't be ignored in its history of interventions.

Where we Work

BGVS-Odisha presently has its presence in 30 districts of Odisha. It has an executive council at the state level and one general council, consisting of hundred members from twenty districts.  During its development intervention period,  it has created hundreds of people’ structure at different levels viz.; at Village, GP, Block,  

What we Do

  • Science and Communication
  • Kalajatha
  • Promotation of Education
  • Women Empowerment
  • Leadership Development
  • Public Health
  • Livelihood Promotion
  • More

Contact Us

Phone: +91-9437111204

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